Top 10 Reasons To Sign Up For APRRC 2009 NOW!!

Top 10 Reasons to sign up for APRRC 2009 - NOW !!!

Reason #1

Meet more than 500 fellow Rotaractors from over 20 countries

Experience the Global Village at APRRC 2009

As they say…

“There are no strangers in Rotaract; only friends you haven’t met”

Forge lifetime friendships. Make new friends from all over Asia & beyond.

Perhaps even homestay with them the next time you visit their country.

Reason #2

Time to CHILL OUT !!!

Four (4) days of Fellowship, Fun, Food & Festivities

GET OUT OF MY WAY, DUDE * Where do I sign up?

Reason #3

Contrary to popular belief, Rotaract is not just about community service.

It’s really more than that, MUCH MORE !!!

Acquire practical lifetime skills for your own personal & professional development.

Hear the latest paradigm in meaningful community service that makes a real difference.

Learn personal well-being tips & techniques.

Reason #4

Special fund raising to provide humanitarian assistance to fellow Rotaractors and victims

affected by the recent disasters in Taiwan, Indonesia & Philippines…

Reason #5

Not just 1 or 2 or even 3 - but FOUR different theme parties within 1 super hot night for

The Wild and The Wild at Heart!

Reason #6

If in Rotaract language, Fellowship almost always means FOOD,

APRRC 2009 is an Asian Flavours Food Haven

Reason #7

Your club automatically qualifies for “PRESIDENTIAL CITATION

Reason #8

The Singapore Sports School
…where future sports legends come from

Reason #9

Experience the truly INTERNATIONAL aspect of Rotaract.

Come and discover first hand that Rotaract strives beyond your club and beyond our shores

Reason #10

Hey, who knows? Your next “best friend” or even that soulmate

you’ve been searching for - could very well be there…

Venue capacity is 500 delegates / Current registrations – over 400


Learning Singlish?

Hey Delegates,

I tell you hor APRRC 2009 Singapore is very happening hor and boomz. You die die must chop chop confirm your seats now. What Ah? Seats are running up now.. Better be kiasu Now.

Wanna Pick up singlish? Very easy lar! Register NOW without any consideration.

Sneak preview of Top 10 Singlish Phrases.

Top 10 ‘Singlish’ phrases

1. BOOMz – [Booms] – meaning Loud, extreme, overly done,etc.

2. Don’t like that lor [law]! – Don’t be like that!

3. I tell you hor [haw]! – Let me tell you this.

4. Happening leh [lay] ! – This is so happening!

5. Alamak [Ah – La – Mark]– Oh man

6. Jialat [Ji – Ah – Lard] lah! – Oh no!

7. Cham [Charm] liao! – This is terrible!

8. Kiasu [Ki – Ar – Su] – Afraid of losing

9. Die die must do/see/try! – I/We definitely must do/see/try this

10. Shiok [Shi – Oak] man! – This is so cool/enjoyable.

If you have any enquries , kindly email us at Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries.

I see you at our conference ah!

Thanks lah!

Yours in rotaract

Aprrc 2009 Singapore Committee



Monday, November 9, 2009

APRRC 2009 Daytour

Dear Fellow Delegates,

Greetings from Singapore!

Kindly sign up for APRRC 09 Day tour by 22nd November 2009. Below are the details for the day tour.

Date: 25th November 09

Time: 12pm ( Will depart after the closing ceremony)

Cost: $10 per person ( Exclude admission to Zoo outing and Dinner)

Option 1:

12pm - 6pm :Zoo Outing -(Singapore Tourism Award, Top 10 Best Family Experience 2006)

6pm till late : Dinner @ Esplanade Glutton's Bay - ( This is one of the best places for dinner and supper in Singapore. Tuck into satay, BBQ Chicken Wings, Chilli Crab, Oyster Omelette and Fried Carrot Cake. Every Hawker is hand-picked by Makansutra)

Option 2:

12pm - 4pm : Suntec City ( Shopping)

(Fountain of Wealth- World's Largest Fountain, Guinness Book of Records since 1998)

4pm - 6pm: Padang ( City Tour)- (Hosted several one day International Cricket Matches and Singapore National Day)

6pm till late : Dinner @ Esplande Glutton's Bay- (This is one of the best places for dinner and supper in Singapore. Tuck into satay, BBQ Chicken Wings, Chilli Crab, Oyster Omelette and Fried Carrot Cake. Every Hawker is handpicked by Makansutra)

Kindly indicate your interest on which option that you will be interested to sign up.

If you have any enquries , kindly email us at

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries.

Looking forward to see you at the conference.


Yours in rotaract

Aprrc 2009 Singapore Committee

Monday, November 2, 2009

Important Announcement on Registration

With effect from 1st Nov 2009 – ONLY REGISTRATIONS ACCOMPANIED WITH FULL PAYMENT WILL BE CONSIDERED AS CONFIRMED BOOKINGS. This is because we are required to make full payment to the event venue for every booking from this date onwards.

However, we will continue to accept registrations without full payment but these will be considered as “Reserved Bookings” only. Upon receipt of your full payment, we will inform you if your booking is confirmed and an official REGISTRATION NUMBER issued to you. Due to limited seats left, this will be strictly on a “1st,come, 1st served” basis so as to be fair to all parties concerned.

Thank you for your kind understanding.


APRRC 2009 Singapore Committee
Learn, Grow,  Serve

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Latest Pricing for Overseas Participants

Hi everyone!

The latest pricing is up and kindly note that for overseas participants its $328. There won't be any more early bird pricing of $270 as its getting nearer to APRRC 2009. The new registration form has been updated, so hurry and get yours done and send to us! =)

Deadline for submission of registration form is 6th November 2009.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We're on Skype!

Hi everyone!

Thanks for following up on our blog and progress made for APRRC 2009 in Singapore. I'm sure most of you are it savvy and would have accounts on Blogger and Facebook or any other channels that are Skype-friendly, so do add us, we have one account here linked with our blog.

Steps to add us:

1. Head over to On the webpage itself, there's a link 'Download Skype now', click on it and download.

2. Our user id is aprrc2009.
3. Add us NOW!!!

Its pretty simeple to keep in touch with us =)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

APRRC 2009 BillBoard : TOP 10 Reasons to Attend APRRC 2009

Hey FOlKS!

In preparations for APRRC 2009, we'll be having a series of information, fun facts and all other quirky stuff Rotaract style.

And one of the highlights :


If you wanna know more about our APRRC BillBoard series, please stay tune to our APRRC Blog.

Debuting today:

10 Reasons why APRRC 2009 is the event to ATTEND!!

#1 No other events could possibly Expand Your International network like APRRC
2009 cause there's no boundaries in Rotaract.

#2 It's Gonna be a cultural mayhem when East meets west and Singlish meets
English and all sorts.

#3 For the Attractive , defenceless and victimized : It's time for revenge as you aquire
the skill of Akido!

#4 It's Rated F for FABULOUS!

#5 Where will you be able to experience the REAL Global Village but with APRRC
2009 ?

#6 It's a Food Haven with the touch of Asian Flavours.

#7 Held in the arena where future sports legends are born, the Singapore Sports
School !

#8 Features over 4 different themed parties within 1 hot night for the wild
and the
wild at heart!

#9 You don't really know Rotaract till you attend APRRC 2009. Prepared to be
astounded by the lives of Rotaractors all around the Asia- Pacific!

#10 You are part of the Moment!

Enticed yet? For those of you who have yet to sign up, do not fret ! Simply download our APRRC 2009 Registration form by simply following our link on the right ---->
Our registration remains open so grasp your chance while seats are still available!!

For those of you as excited as us about APRRC and would like to give your priceless ideas for us to you, why not?
If you like us to feature any interesting quirks and pieces of information do let us know .

Simply drop us an email @ APRRC2009@GMAIL.COM and we will reply to you =)

Here's a food for thought : If you have any top 10s that you hope will be posted up here related to Rotaract or APRRC or about Singapore, the host country, do drop in an email as well.

Stay tuned as we continue on our road to APRRC 2009!!!

Yours - In - Rotaract ,

APRRC 09 Committee


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The APRRC Pricing Reference

Good Day fellow Rotaractors ,

If you were pondering and wondering about the pricing of APRRC 2009,
here's what you have missed out on for those of YOU who have yet to register.
Our Early Bird Specials have ended. A BIG CONGRATS to those who have already signed up and for those of you who have yet to do so , NOW is the GOOD TIME TO DO SO!!

Here's a review on our pricing for APRRC 2009 :

So why wait ? Grab this special opportunity that comes only ONCE ANNUALLY.
Join in the fellowship to LEARN . GROW . SERVE.

**In the meanwhile, please continue to follow our website as we continue to keep you updated on our Journey towards APRRC 2009!**

Yours In Rotaract,

APRRC 2009 Committee.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Extension Date! Sign UP NOW!

Hi all! Its me, the skinhead guitar-playing DRR from Singapore! How have you all been doing? I hope this message finds you well!

I would like to take this opportunity to announce as Organising Chairman that our Special Early Bird (SGD270) will be extended to end of July. So hurry now to sign up today! We have an exciting program line up for you, I'm sure you do not want to miss such an opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones as well!

I do understand some concerns about the recent H1N1 flu situation from the various inquiries. I would like to assure you that Singapore has got it under control, as we can see that the Asian Youth Games has gone on successfully, at the same venue that we will be holding the APRRC 2009. In fact, we are already looking forward to the upcoming Formula 1 night race as well as the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics.

If you require flight promotional discount information, please refer to our blog within the next few days. We have gone around to source for the best rates for you to book your flights in so that you do not have to burn a hole in the pocket for your airfares. Some pre and post conference hotel rates will also be provided should you wish to extend your stay in Singapore. It is also a good chance to visit Malaysia after the conference since its so nearby. I'm sure my fellow Rotaractors in the Malaysia from District 3310 and 3300 would be happy to show you around.

On behalf of the entire APRRC 2009 committee, I would like to thank you in advance for participating in this wonderful event and showing your support. Meanwhile, a very Happy New Rotary/Rotaract Year to all of you!

Click here to download the PROMO form.


DRR Michael Choy
Organising Chairman
RI District 3310